Mass Combat

The system is simple.
Each group has a Attack Power Rating (APR) and a Defense Power Rating (DPR)
These numbers will be totaled (see below for method) and each side will be given a percentage vs the opposing side cross skill. Example. Group A’s APR is compared to Group B’s DPR. If group A has an APR of say 750 and group B has a DPR of 250 for simplicity sake then or a 75% to 25% rating. So group A adds 75 to their d100 roll and group b adds 25 to their d100 roll. The resulting numbers will then be subtracted from each other (the lower modified roll from the higher) and a chart will consulted. The chart will have a scaled loss of troops in relation to the disparity in the modified rolls. A difference of say 3 might only lose 2% of the lower roll but will also cost the winning roll as well, maybe a negative modifier to the next attack roll maybe a 1% loss.
The math will be kept simple. All modifying factors will be totaled separate from the primary numbers (ie magical items that affect mass combat, special spells, or geographic considerations, will be subtracted last unless the chart says otherwise.)
The base numbers are simple calculated.
Each a class has an APR rating and a DPR rating.
Knights are the best defenders along with Shamen. They receive a x5 to their level for calculating DPR.
Cavaliers, Archers and Mages are the best attackers and receive x5 to their level for calculating ARP.
Each class has a differnet rating and specific class and non class skills can be learned to increase this.
Now the math is as follows.
Number of people in that class x level x ARP or DPR give you the respective totals.
For instance 100 knights vs 50archers and 50 knights. all 10th level.
Group A
Knights APR = 100 × 10 × 3 = 3000APR
Knights DPR = 100 × 10 × 5 = 5000DPR

Group B
Knights APR = 50 × 10 × 3= 1500APR
Knights DPR = 50 × 10 × 5 = 2500DPR
Archers APR = 50 × 10 × 5 = 2500APR
Archers DPR = 50 × 10 × 1 = 500DPR

Group A APR 3000 vs. Group B DPR 3000 equals 50/50
Group B APR 4000 vs Group B DPR 5000 equals 44/56

The groups roll 2 sets of d100s one for attack and one for defensive and then add their modifiers and consult the chart.
As you can see archers attack well, but that doesn’t make up for their shitty defensive capabilities.

While the initial calculation may take a few minutes to work out it will greatly speed up the rate and “believability” of mass combats where 2000 men are fighting 500 trolls, 200 orcs and 5 Hill Giants. This is a vast improvement over roll 3d6 and who ever does better is winning.
I will also have an option for PC special abilities to affect the battles, Bards Songs, Artifacts, and decisions made by the PC’s (Like you can choose to DPR by losing APR or Not Defend at all and Beserk charge…if you troops have a high enough morale.. and did i mention.. also along with the mass combat system comes a Morale System.

That brings me to one last thing. Morale.
In timera. Morale is key in combat. Hardly anyone will want to fight to death. No more mindless hordes of humanoid monsters willing to die over a flagon of ale. The key element lacking my prior campaigns combat system was fearless monsters who never gave a second thought to dying. In Timera. They care. This will also be factored in on the mass combat system.

Mass Combat

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