Welcome to Timera. This will be the last D&D setting you will ever want to play in. This campaign is designed to be a living campaign rich in history and richer in the potential.
The core rule book will be issued to the players. A master rule book will be kept in a D Ring binder with plenty of room to modify, clarify or enhance rules as the campaign evolves.
There will be 20 player character races, each uniquely designed and each with their own history, strengths and weaknesses.
There will be 20 player character classes as well. Each one will be detailed from pre fist level to 100th. Yes, I said 100th level.
There will be no alingment restrictions or otherwise unless contrary to some game situation such as a lawful good troll paladin of Xylinoret (elven god of war and killing trolls)
The style of game play will vary depending up on the characters preference.
Players will be allowed to have multiple characters active in the same campaign at the same time if they so choose.
This will be a weekly campaign running 1-2nights per week taking every fourth week off. The tempo of the campaign will vary depending on what is going on. If things are slow, people are researching, training, or just recovering then we might play one night a week or skip a week, but if things are up and running, and the shit is hitting the fan then we will play more often. I dont want a set 8hours per week every saturday kinda game, a. that interferes with life b. it can interfere with game flow.
Each player will be required to contribute some aspect to the game play be it drawing maps, painting minatures or simply keeping the party journal. No dead weight will be allowed.